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Barbeque Downs

Park Name Area Open Access
Annabella Barbeque Downs
Birchwood Estate Barbeque Downs
Castle View Barbeque Downs
Eavli Estate Barbeque Downs
Fairways Complex Barbeque Downs
Fontein De Vaucluse Barbeque Downs
Honey Hills Barbeque Downs
Ilanga Estate Barbeque Downs
Kyalami Manor Barbeque Downs
Kyalami View I Barbeque Downs
Kyalami View II Barbeque Downs
Kyalami Villas Barbeque Downs
Matekula Barbeque Downs
Montrose Complex Barbeque Downs
Morganwood Barbeque Downs
Olive Grove Barbeque Downs
St Aidan Barbeque Downs
Sunning Gate Complex Barbeque Downs
The Edge Estate Barbeque Downs
Woodlands Estate Barbeque Downs
Park Name Area Open Access
Aranmore Estate Broadacres
Arlington Country Estate Broadacres
Avignon Broadacres
Beau Rivage Broadacres
Birchwood Village Broadacres
Bramble Bush Broadacres
Broadacres Country Estate Broadacres
Broadlands Estate Broadacres
Broadwoods Estate Broadacres
Canal View Broadacres
Carrington Place Broadacres
Cedar Crest Broadacres
Chartwell Country Estate Broadacres
Chateau de Provence Broadacres
Craigavon Gardens Broadacres
Dakarai Lofts Broadacres
Fernbrook Estate Broadacres
Fourways Country Garden Broadacres
Franca Villa Broadacres
Gateside Manor Broadacres
Hawthorn Village Broadacres
Hibiscus Lane Broadacres
Kengies Gate Broadacres
Lady Hamilton Broadacres
Lume Gardens Broadacres
Manyalethi Broadacres
Montepulciano Broadacres
Oak Dale Broadacres
Pine Avon Broadacres
Pinewood Private Estate Broadacres
Rich Meadows Broadacres
Riven Dale Broadacres
River View Estate Broadacres
San Antonio Broadacres
Silver Oaks Broadacres
Soho Junction Broadacres
Talavera Estate Broadacres
Tezula Lifestyle Estate Broadacres
The Homestead Broadacres
The Plantation Club Broadacres
The Poplar Broadacres
The William Broadacres
The Woodlands Estate Broadacres
Thulabos Estate Broadacres
Tuscany Grove Broadacres
Twenty Two on Campbell Broadacres
Venice Estate Broadacres
Villa Antello Broadacres
Villa Dante Broadacres
Villa Elnez Broadacres
Villa Nova Broadacres
Villa Quattro Broadacres
Villa Quattro Phase 2 Broadacres
Park Name Area Open Access
Allegro Complex Carlswald
Bishops Square Carlswald
Carlswald AH Carlswald
Carlswald Crest Carlswald
Carlswald Gardens Carlswald
Carlswald Gate Carlswald
Carlswald Glen Carlswald
Carlswald North Lifestyle Estate Carlswald
Crowthorne Village Carlswald
Fairview Estate Carlswald
Lake Xanadu Carlswald
Montecello Carlswald
Starlings on 11th Carlswald
Tallyns Reach Carlswald
The Quails Carlswald
The Lofts CNLE Carlswald
Park Name Area Open Access
Bateleur Complex Centurion
Park Name Area Open Access
Ascari Douglasdale
Calderwood Douglasdale
Cavendish Square Douglasdale
Chobe Sands Douglasdale
Dale Gardens Douglasdale
Dale Manor Douglasdale
Del Monte Douglasdale
Douglas Gate Douglasdale
Galloway Estate Douglasdale
Glen Douglas Douglasdale
Hamlin Manor Douglasdale
Hampton Park Douglasdale
Monte del Lago Douglasdale
Oakland Estate Douglasdale
Oakwood Estate Douglasdale
Potala Estate Douglasdale
Riverside Lodge Douglasdale
Silverwood Estate Douglasdale
St Andrews Douglasdale
Street Dolomiet Place Douglasdale
Sungai Estate Douglasdale
The Hamiltons Douglasdale
The Hamlet Douglasdale
The Highlands Douglasdale
Thorntree Estate Douglasdale
Tusca Laduna Estate Douglasdale
Via Pollino Douglasdale
Villa Theresa Douglasdale
Villaggio Due Douglasdale
Wateford East Douglasdale
Waterford Estate Douglasdale
Waterford West Douglasdale
Park Name Area Open Access
120 on Kelvin Edenburg
25 on French Lane Edenburg
3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Avenue Complex Edenburg
Bear Park Edenburg
Belagio Edenburg
Casablanca Edenburg
Chadbrook Edenburg
Edenburg Clusters Edenburg
Edenburg Villas Edenburg
Georgian Terrace Edenburg
Island Court Edenburg
Ivory Towers Edenburg
Jacaranda One Edenburg
Jacaranda Two Edenburg
La Provance Edenburg
Laura Lane Edenburg
Malindi Edenburg
Morningside Village Edenburg
Piedrahita Estate Edenburg
Plaisir Edenburg
Rivonia Axis Edenburg
Rivonia Valley Residential Edenburg
Sandton Country Estate Edenburg
Second Avenue Edenburg
Shambala Estate Edenburg
Sorrento Edenburg
Stella Estates Edenburg
Stonehenge Edenburg
Street 1st Ave & Boyle Rd Edenburg
Tanarine Edenburg
Terraces on 12th Edenburg
The Arches of Rivonia Edenburg
The Link Edenburg
The Precinct Edenburg
Upper East Side Edenburg

Halfway Gardens, Midrand

Park Name Area Open Access
Riverstone Estate Halfway Gardens, Midrand
Park Name Area Open Access
32 on Melville Hyde Park-D
Le Maison Hyde Park-D
Pinelands Estate Hyde Park-D
The Lofts Hyde Park-D
Park Name Area Open Access
Aloe Vale Estate Kyalami
Beaulieu Residential Kyalami
Blue Hills Country Estate Kyalami
Glenferness Kyalami
Heathcliff Country Estate Kyalami
Intaba Estate Kyalami
Kilima Kyalami
Kincardine Kyalami
Kyalami Agricultural Holdings Kyalami
Kyalami Crest Kyalami
Kyalami Downs Kyalami
Kyalami Estate Kyalami
Kyalami Glen Kyalami
Kyalami Hills Kyalami
Kyalami Ridge Kyalami
Kyalami Terrace Kyalami
Kyambali Estate Kyalami
Monaco Kyalami
Park24 Kyalami
San Casciano Kyalami

Kyalami Hills

Park Name Area Open Access
Albert Park Kyalami Hills
Cranbrook Estate Kyalami Hills
Decotah Complex Kyalami Hills
Donnington Park Kyalami Hills
Hockenheim Complex Kyalami Hills
Indianapolis Kyalami Hills
Kyalami Boulevard Estate Kyalami Hills
Kyalami Court Kyalami Hills
Kyalami Hills Estate Kyalami Hills
Royal Kyalami Kyalami Hills
San Marino Complex Kyalami Hills
Park Name Area Open Access
Ashton Manor Lonehill
Belvane Lonehill
Bishopstone Estate Lonehill
Brookfield Close Lonehill
Castello River Estate Lonehill
Lavianto Lonehill
Lone Rock Lonehill
Lone Rock Village Lonehill
Lonehill Mews Lonehill
Lonehill Terrace Lonehill
Lonehill Village Estate Lonehill
Manhattan Lonehill
Queenswood Lonehill
River View Lonehill
Riverglades Estate Lonehill
Rockview Close Lonehill
San Remo Lonehill
Santa Barbara Lonehill
Soho Lofts Lonehill
Soho Lofts Grand Lonehill
Somerset Gardens Lonehill
Tamarisk Lonehill
Tanglewood Lonehill
The Boundary Lonehill
Thornwood Lonehill
Villa Bassona Lonehill
Villa Montina Lonehill
Villa Vitelli Lonehill
Park Name Area Open Access
Abbington Magaliessig
Broadway Crescent Estate Magaliessig
Kimara Lodge Magaliessig
Monterrey Estate Magaliessig
Mulberry Lane Magaliessig
Stellenberg Estate Magaliessig
Thornfields Estate Magaliessig
Tonquani Estate Magaliessig
Villa Bienvenidos Estate Magaliessig
Villa Toledo Magaliessig
Park Name Area Open Access
Hill of Good Hope 1 Midrand 16th
Park Name Area Open Access
Glen Austin Midrand
Park Name Area Open Access
Nerina Complex Morningside
Sempre La Sarena Morningside
Park Name Area Open Access
Worldsfiew Northcliff


Park Name Area Open Access
212 Bellairs Drive Northriding-D
93 on Bellairs Northriding-D
Ashante Estate Northriding-D
Aureole Manor Northriding-D
Aureole Manor - Weavers Way Northriding-D
Barkley Mews Northriding-D
Bellairs Brook Northriding-D
Bellairs Duets Northriding-D
Bellairs View Northriding-D
Bellmont Estate Northriding-D
Chavonne Estate Northriding-D
Hameu Estate Northriding-D
Jacana Ridge Estate Northriding-D
Lamone Estate Northriding-D
Maxwell Close Northriding-D
Notting Hill Northriding-D
Park Name Area Open Access
Bogoria Paulshof
Bryan Brook Paulshof
Bryanston Manor Paulshof
Folkstone Down Paulshof
Greenwich Village Paulshof
Hathaway Paulshof
High Meadow Grove Paulshof
Kildrummy Close Paulshof
Lavender Lane Paulshof
Matika Lifestyle Estate Paulshof
The Algarve Paulshof
The Matrix Paulshof
Villa Sao Pedro Paulshof
Westwood Way Paulshof


Park Name Area Open Access
Northern Views Rietvalleirand
Park Name Area Open Access
Madison Square Rivonia
Park Name Area Open Access
Abbottsbury Sandton
Beaufort Square Sandton
Loundes Gate Sandton
Sandhurst Gardens Sandton
Sandton Skye Sandton
Topaz Sandton
Park Name Area Open Access
Antigo Falls Sunninghill
Aruba Sunninghill
Asmera Estate Sunninghill
Badger Park Sunninghill
Baldersani Complex Sunninghill
Bangalore Mews Sunninghill
Baringo Sunninghill
Castle Rock Estate Sunninghill
Charleston Crescent Sunninghill
Chianti Lifestyle Centre Sunninghill
Croft Close Sunninghill
Ealington Sunninghill
Ellingham Sunninghill
Entabeni Sunninghill
Falcon Gate Sunninghill
Gordon Close Sunninghill
Grace Avenue Complex Sunninghill
Graceland 2 Sunninghill
Hampton Court Sunninghill
Inyanga Sunninghill
Jakaranda Maroela Palm Sunninghill
James Close Sunninghill
Kalypso Sunninghill
Kearsney Sunninghill
Keswick Sunninghill
La Garrita Sunninghill
Le Reve Sunninghill
Lemon Tree Lane Sunninghill
Malindi Clusters Sunninghill
Marise Turn Sunninghill
Mio Palazzo Complex Sunninghill
Mont Pellier Sunninghill
Monte Vista Complex Sunninghill
Naivasha Manor Sunninghill
Sabi Sands Sunninghill
Saint Geran Sunninghill
San Lorenzo Estate Sunninghill
San Marino Sunninghill
Santa Vitoria V1 Sunninghill
Santana Sunninghill
Savuti Sands Sunninghill
Serengeti Sands Sunninghill
Shambhala Estate Sunninghill
Shimbali Sands Sunninghill
Singati Sands Sunninghill
Sint Maarten Sunninghill
Street Lingerette Sunninghill
Street Naivasha Sunninghill
Sunninghill 101 Sunninghill
Sunninghill Brooke Estate Sunninghill
Sunninghill Residential Sunninghill
The Crest Sunninghill
The Kanyin Complex Sunninghill
The Syringas Sunninghill
Tudor Rose Cluster Sunninghill
Tudor Rose Lodge Sunninghill
Turkana Sunninghill
Umoya Sunninghill
Valencia Estate Sunninghill
Via Avellano Sunninghill
Via Firenza Sunninghill
Via Vercelli Sunninghill
Villa Del Sol Sunninghill
Villa Di Castello Sunninghill
Villa Roseto Sunninghill
Villa Tobago Sunninghill
Villa Torre Sunninghill
Walnut Place Complex Sunninghill
Woodland Park Sunninghill
Woodland View Sunninghill

Pricing & Plans

  • The 5
  • 5Mbps
  • Support:
  • Contract Term
    30 DAYS
  • R408.55
    per month
  • The 10
  • 10Mbps
  • Support:
  • Contract Term
    30 DAYS
  • R664.78
    per month
  • The 25
  • 25Mbps
  • Support:
  • Contract Term
    30 DAYS
  • R957.33
    per month
  • The 50
  • 50Mbps
  • Support:
  • Contract Term
    30 DAYS
  • R1089.48
    per month
  • The 100
  • 100Mbps
  • Support:
  • Contract Term
    30 DAYS
  • R1452.63
    per month
  • The 200
  • 200Mbps
  • Support:
  • Contract Term
    30 DAYS
  • R2723.68
    per month

Optional Services


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